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Tucker 'n Tales Book Launch

The Latrobe Valley and Mountain Rivers group’s book, Tucker ‘n’ Tales, was launched at the Toongabbie hall on February 28.

Tucker ‘n’ Tales includes a collection of 70 stories, recipes, photographs, local artists’ work and children’s art work.

The beautifully printed book represents the diversity of the area and gives an insight into the development of the community. Guest speakers at the launch were Brendan Jenkins and Kath McEntee.

Deb Bye was an entertaining MC and the gathering was buoyed along by African music played by Mariama and Forday, and classical piano played by Qi Sun.

The warm and friendly atmosphere encouraged networking and a wonderful supper, featuring some of the book’s recipes, was supplied by Margo Wheelan. The group has sold more than 300 copies of Tucker ‘n’ Tales to date and the women involved in the project are very pleased with its success.

The group is grateful to Latrobe City, the State Government, Women who Mean Business, the Rural Women’s Network and the school community, all of whom provided invaluable support.

New projects are being discussed for the future though all are in favour of a short respite first.

* The Tucker ‘n’ Tales book price is $20 plus GST, making a total of $22.

To purchase a copy of Tucker ‘n’ Tales, send cheque or money order, along with details of your name, address, phone number and email address to 24 Hourigan Road, Morwell, Victoria 3840, or place an order via e-mail to michelle.tisdale@gmail.com

All funds raised from the sale of the book will be invested in further community projects and community organisations. For more details contact Michelle Tisdale on 5134 3223.


Previous Update

Latrobe Valley and Mountain Rivers Project is near the final leg of its journey. The book is in the editor’s hands for its copy edit before proceeding to the graphic artists to be laid out before publishing.

The cover design in currently in the hands of the Warragul girls. We have had time up our sleeves as we waited for the legal agreements to arrive and so have been having working bees among the group.

We have been attending the event of the other groups to pick up hints on how to design our launch which from our side have been very enjoyable. We have met several interesting people and filled in a mountain of paperwork.

We have finally found an insurance that will cover our groups’ needs in to the future. The Women who Mean Business Latrobe Valley Inc have spread their wings into the creative endeavor of belly dancing, supplying local artists with much needed raw materials and generally having fun along the way.

We look forward to putting together a book launch where we can all come together to celebrate. Maya has been working on our diary to present at the forum in February. We undertook the painful process of choosing the recipes to be included in the book.

We struggled over the wonderful recipes we needed to cut because of the space. We met and spoke with Meredith Fletcher from the department of Gippsland studies at Monash University, before picking up some great photos from Dan Clancy.

Meredith has had a great deal of experience in biographies and auto biographies as well as local histories. We also had fun with Jenny O’Neill at our project evaluation meeting.

This turned out to be a great debriefing exercise and allowed all members to voice their concerns and frustrations to improve the group process for the future. We held our meeting at the Latrobe Regional Gallery so it was wonderful to catch up with their newest displays.

Two members of the working group learnt how to burn information on to CDs for the book as nothing else was large enough to contain the data. We wait eagerly for our launch date so that we can let you all in on the party.

Outcomes So Far:

  • Group incorporated
  • Lobbied with Government
  • Negotiation skills
  • Made numerous community connections
  • Developed networks
  • Skills - writing proposals - project, funding
  • Compiled database
  • Photography Skills
  • Learnt about process of a recipe book - compiling, testing
  • Communicating and submitting media releases
  • Run an art competition
  • Publicity - developed flyers
  • Stories have given understanding of the history of the Latrobe Valley
  • Conducted media interviews
  • Written grant applications
  • Recorded processes through diary
  • Some participants have joined other community committees
  • Network has expanded
  • Skills learnt at workshops have been put into practice
  • Some participants have started to learn computer skills (had to for the project) and some have expanded on computer skills.
  • Participants are joining community groups as leaders. (Scout leader)
  • Supporting other participants.
  • Number of stories collected.
  • Acknowledgments in book
  • Negotiations in kind
  • Sharing information
  • New Businesses
  • Marketing to large corporate sponsors.
  • Learning to develop communications with media
  • Forming support networks and opportunity for new tourism industries to get to know the local area.
  • Having an avenue to promote new businesses in the area.
  • Giving women a voice on issues affecting their lives
  • Multi tasking
  • Women are becoming more confident with public speaking
  • Women are feeling more confident about approaching government officials, business sponsors
  • New networks are being created
  • New technologies been used
  • Tested recipes
  • Branching out and meeting with tourist organisations and historical societies.
  • Experience in attaining legal agreement
  • Received 51 stories
  • A small group has started to make natural products with essential oils.
  • Increased interest in Fibre crafts, weaving, spinning and felting.
  • Tricia Dennis is beginning a sculpture course
  • Learning about responsibilities in publishing a book
  • A positive project outcome has been with the Brian Ware story. This man is suffering at the end stages of terminal cancer. The process of writing this story has led to a wonderful healing process for three of the family generations and the story in its unedited version will be used as a celebration of Brian's life at his funeral. The family are extremely grateful to have been encouraged to participate in the process as it has been a beautiful way to support each other at this time.
  • Three individuals have raised interest in coming along to project meetings and get togethers.
  • Probus has asked that we come and give a talk at one of their up coming meetings.
  • Steep learning curve in the legalities of printing personal histories.
  • Working together as a group to support individual members in need.
  • Lending tablecloth material in support of the Women on Farms Christmas break-up.
  • Georgina Richmond now qualified with the CFA to be called out to fire season.
  • Project Officer found the project can be used as a base for the Community Development Unit at Monash University

2 Day Skills Development Workshop with Jill Gael

After lots of brainstorming including aims and possible project outcomes the proposed project emerged.

Most of the brainstorming was noted on butchers paper, Michelle has kindly typed all the notes and these are also included for your information.

The participants and the Project management Committee have also indicated that a Media workshop be held ASAP. to be facilitated by Deb. Bye, Station Manager, Life FM Gippsland and former Manager, ABC Gippsland.

The Media workshop will relate to the proposed project and enhance and explore the skills of the participants to enable them to interview the people who will supply their recipe and tell their story of "Over Time" in the Valley. The workshop will also include: How the Media Works, Getting Your Message Across and Promoting Your project. Please bring your own lunch, coffee, tea and biscuits will be provided.

A further workshop "Creative Writing" is being planned in the near future,as well as other skill training that may be required for the project which will be identified in the 2nd planning workshop.

Special Announcement - The WWMB Project Management Committee welcomes Michelle Tisdale as the Morwell WWMB project officer, and we all look forward to working with her on this project journey.


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