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Latest News - Buchan Gallery Launch - 22 April 2006

Launch of the Buchan Gallery

Saturday 22nd April 2006 at 2 pm

by the Hon Joan Kirner A.M.

Buchan Gallery Inc. was developed through a funding project called Women who Mean Business. The project is supported by the Victorian Government through the Community Support Fund and administered by Arts Network East Gippsland. It also has in kind support from the Gippsland Women's Network and funding and in kind support from the Shire of East Gippsland.

The Gallery is working towards becoming a self supported business for the benefit of the community of Buchan.

The Gallery has been established for the sale of quality locally produced arts and crafts in the lovely old Post Office building in the main street in Buchan.

The purpose of the project is to further enhance the skills of women in East Gippsland and to encourage and assist women to be part of the business and economic community. The project offers women the opportunity for training and support and a means for women to gather and share friendships and knowledge.
The Gallery opened on Saturday 29th October, 2005 and has given the people of Buchan and district a venue to sell their arts and crafts and financial opportunity in a town with limited employment. The Gallery is currently operated by volunteers and artists through a committee of management.

The Gallery also promotes the town of Buchan and its surrounding areas. We can offer historical information and are currently developing a self guided historical tour of the main street.

On Saturday 22nd April, the Hon. Joan Kirner will be launching the Gallery project. From 2 pm there will be artists demonstrating their skills, the Buchan singers will be performing some songs and there will be informative talks about the history of the Buchan Post Office service and the old Post Office building.

For further information please contact Evelyn Schmidt on 51 559 216 or buchangallery@yahoo.co..au or visit our website at Gippsland.com

Previous Update

Buchan Gallery opened its doors to the public at midday on Saturday, October 29. This was not the official launch but an opportunity for the group to ‘dip their toe in the water’ and iron out any glitches before the of.cial launch which will hopefully occur over the Christmas holidays.

They had 30 to 40 people through the door. At this stage no paintings are hung but there is a wide variety of goods for sale including jewelry, hand silk cards, jams, sauces, ceramics, soaps, woodwork and applique.

The Gallery is open on Tuesdays, Thursday, Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 4pm except Christmas Day. Other times will be by arrangement. The group is delighted with the number of volunteers they have and the local interest in the Gallery. The group will circulate information to tourist operators to let them know of the facility. Buchan Gallery Open for Business

Previous Update

The Buchan group of ladies are busy preparing for the opening of the Buchan Gallery Inc. at the Old Post Office on Saturday 17th September, in time for the beginning of the school holidays.

Although they will open on this date they plan to have their official launch later on in the year when they are sure they have ironed out any 'teething' problems and have everything the way they want it.

The group has had a great deal of community support and a lot of local artists and craft people who wish to sell their work through the Gallery. A number of residents have volunteered to work in the Gallery and the group are busy building up partnerships with other community groups. The project was discussed at a recent Fun and Friendship lunch in town and created a lot of interest. The Museum at Stonehenge is being renovated and they are interested in having some gallery items on display there.

The women are very excited that the project will be up and running very shortly and hope that the visitors to the Buchan Caves will include it in their itinerary when they visit Buchan.

Outcomes So Far
  • Project brought people together
  • Communication within/across community
  • Participants profiles in the WwMB newsletter
  • Negotiated with Shire regarding the lease of the Gallery
  • Successful in Grant applications
  • Learnt about legal documentation
  • Incorporation of the Group
  • Skills training - Risk Management, Lease agreements
  • Setting up and running of a gallery
  • Communicating with and submitting media releases
  • Managing an event - opening of the gallery
  • Received funding from Shire for fire affected areas.
  • Submissions for various grants
  • Set up own website
  • Research into rental properties as alternate location for gallery
  • Proposal written - business planning skills - timelines, budgeting
  • Trial opening - 29th October 30-40 people attended.
  • Group delighted with volunteers.
  • Connection with Tourist Operators

Participant Reflections:

  • "I learned how to approach and talk to people without standing on toes'"
  • "Very well sequenced for success."
  • "Great to get the community to work together."
  • "We had a few good ideas but the main one and most popular shone through."
  • "I was isolating myself from the community and this was a great way of including myself."

Risk Management Workshop Held in April 2005 and run by Ray Ferres, CEO of BACE in Bairnsdale - in kind support from the Community Learning Hub initiative.
Pictured above are some of the ladies inside the
Buchan Post Office that will become the Buchan Gallery.

2 Day Skills Development Workshop with Jill Gael

The Buchan & District 2 Day Skills Development Workshop was held on the 18th and 19th of September 2004. 14 women attended.

Suggestions for the Buchan Project were:

  • Exhibit / Outlet For Arts And Craft
  • Cycle/Walking Trail
  • Garden……

The suggested criteria for the project included:

  • Enduring benefit
  • Be fun for us to do
  • Bring people together
  • Stop tourists
  • Good foundation for other enterprises

The group decided on the first idea: Exhibition / Outlet for Arts and Crafts.

There was a general consensus of opinion and it was something that they had been thinking about for some time and this project, they felt, was the ideal vehicle for it.

A great deal was achieved and participants were all very positive and focused. Some participants who did not make it rang in with their support and commitment to the Project and another two called in and asked to be included in the Project and future workshops.

Media Workshops with Deb Bye

Friday 27th August 2004

Due to Community problems in Buchan and misrepresentation only three people out of a promised twelve turned up for the Buchan Media workshop by Deb Bye on Friday 27th August 2004.

All three agreed that they were very satisfied with the length of the session, that it met with their expectations and that they were very satisfied with the way Deb Bye presented the workshop.

The way they found out about the workshop differed - one heard about it from Buchan Neighbourhood Resource Centre, one by word of mouth and another by a mail out.

Only two participants filled in the back of the form. Neither felt there was anything that was not included that they had hoped to be covered. Both were very satisfied with the venue and would like to participate in other activities and workshops related to the project.

One was satisfied with the refreshments. Skills obtained from the session were hints how to go about contacting newspapers, television, radio etc.

Overall, all three participants felt the workshop was very worthwhile and felt others had missed something very useful.

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