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The Women who Mean Business Project was completed in 2006.

The Women who Mean Business Showcasing, Marketing & Business Forum was held in February and gave each of the projects the opportunity to share their journey.

A DVD of the showcasing including audio was also produced.

The final report for the project shows the many outstanding outcomes that were achieved by the Gippsland women who participated in the projects.

10 Golden Rules

  1. Effective communication is vital
  2. Community projects mean working together
  3. Accept the Group will take time to develop – use the time wisely
  4. Have a Plan, Write it down, update it when necessary
  5. Keep good written & photographic records
  6. Enjoy the challenges, personalities, setbacks and the achievements
  7. Recognise that everyone in the team has great skills
  8. Look after the people in the team – they are your greatest asset
  9. Share resources, workload, excitement and the disappointments
  10. Keep it in perspective

Showcasing DVD
* * Available Soon * *

A DVD of the Showcasing Presentation of the Women who Mean Business will be available soon. This DVD will include audio of all the Project Representatives as recorded at the showcasing and the project History given by Deb Bye

For more details contact Beth on 0418 596 392 or email info@anchorweb.com.au

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